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Denver Broncos: Adonis Alexander of interest in supplemental draft

Friday 22 June, 2018 | RSS Feed

Denver Broncos: Adonis Alexander of interest in supplemental draft

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Could the Denver Broncos show interest in Virginia Tech cornerback Adonis Alexander in the 2018 Supplemental Draft? We take a look at the prospect… The 2018 Supplemental Draft is set to take place in a few weeks, and there are some defensive prospects that could be of interest to the Denver Broncos. The top prospect is considered to be Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal, and we’ve already looked at how the Broncos might have some interest there. You can read about it here. Another defensive back prospect the Broncos might look into is Virginia Tech’s Adonis Alexander, a lanky hybrid type of player who has played some cornerback and safety in his college career. As with any player available in the supplemental draft pool, the Broncos need to be cautious how much they invest in Alexander or anyone else due to off-field or work habit concerns. Statistically, Alexander has regressed the past couple of seasons after a stellar freshman season with the Hokies, but there are some good clips in this thread that indicate the type of player the Broncos could be getting: Looking to the future, however, there’s no reason the Broncos would have to hesitate to throw a mid-late round draft choice at a player like Alexander, whose pro day measurables were nearly identical to those of Isaac Yiadom. Alexander’s versatility and ability to play safety, nickel, and on the boundary could pique the Broncos’ interest.

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